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Ometric reports surge of interest in SpectrInline Processware™ following recent new-product introductions

COLUMBIA, SC - Spectroscopy innovator Ometric Corporation today announced the company has experienced a surge of interest in SpectrInline ProcesswareTM following recent new product introductions and product demonstrations at recent industry conferences. The company last month introduced a new pet nutrition product and announced a significant upgrade for its pharmaceutical product.

Ometric Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Walter Alessandrini said the increasing demand on manufacturers to improve profit margins and meet industry regulations has contributed to the increased interest in real-time, in-line process control.

"More than ever, manufacturers are looking how to implement process control throughout the manufacturing process," Alessandrini said. "Final product testing is always essential, but its effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by additional analytical processes incorporated along the way. Our systems can ensure effective process control in a variety of industries."

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have shown great interest in the new wireless capabilities offered by SpectrInline ProcesswareTM Pharma 2.0, which was introduced in November and demonstrated by Ometric Corporation at the ISPE Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. The addition of wireless capabilities will allow customers to apply real-time, in-line process control, even in the most challenging of environments.

The pharmaceutical product upgrade was designed to suit blending environments that involve rotating or tumbling, hard-to-reach or remote locations, and environments lacking appropriate energy sources for process control equipment. SpectrInline ProcesswareTM Pharma 2.0’s compact size, one-piece design, easy-to-mount mechanism and internal rechargeable battery capability ensure minimal interruption and maintenance during manufacturing.

Manufacturers of pet nutrition products have expressed interest in SpectrInline ProcesswareTM Pet 1.5’s capabilities to measure moisture, fat and protein concentrates.

SpectrInline ProcesswareTM Pet 1.5 is installed directly in the process line, and it provides real-time measurement of the concentration of the compounds of interest. As with other industry applications of Ometric SpectrInline ProcesswareTM, Pet 1.5 utilizes patented Multivariate Optical ComputingTM technology, refined over ten years of research and development. Manufacturing applications of SpectrInline ProcesswareTM Pet 1.5 include blending, mixing monitoring, drying monitoring, material inspection, extrusion, coating and other desired quality control points.

"The feedback we have received from customers and potential customers is encouraging,” Alessandrini said. “It reaffirms our dedication to providing manufacturers with opportunities to improve their products by using real-time, in-line process control."

About Ometric Corporation
Ometric Corporation provides innovative solutions to embed analytical technology into industrial processes. Ometric's SpectrInline Processware utilizes patented Multivariate Optical ComputingTM to perform spectroscopy at the speed of light, thus providing real-time, in-line process control and final product testing to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food and beverage, pet nutrition, environmental, plastics, oil and gas, and homeland security. For more information about the company, visit

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