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Ometric to demonstrate advancements in SpectrInline Processware™ for the pharmaceutical industry at ISPE annual meeting

COLUMBIA, SC - Spectroscopy innovator Ometric Corporation today announced it will offer two live demonstrations of real-time, in-line spectroscopy featuring its innovative SpectrInline ProcesswareTM at the ISPE Annual Meeting, which will be held Nov. 5 to 8 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando.

Live demonstrations at the ISPE annual meeting will include:

High-speed raw material analysis: This demonstration of SpectrInline ProcesswareTM focuses on the applicability to general chemical analysis. It provides real-time, in-line measurement and analysis of incoming raw materials, intermediate formulation mixtures or final product powders.

A new wireless upgrade for SpectrInline ProcesswareTM: The next step for SpectrInline ProcesswareTM is wireless technology. This upgrade will provide the pharmaceutical industry even more options for real-time, in-line process control.

"Ometric is focused on meeting the growing demand for innovative process control solutions in the pharmaceutical industry," Ometric Chief Executive Officer Walter Alessandrini said. "SpectrInline ProcesswareTM provides real-time, in-line process control and final product testing at the speed of light. As we continue to upgrade, the product will only become more applicable to customer needs."

Alessandrini said customers would also continue to benefit from Ometric’s EverGreenTM pricing advantage.

"Ometric's Ever-GreenTM pricing advantage lets customers lock in product advances at today's prices," Alessandrini said. "It helps ensure customer satisfaction by eliminating unanticipated expenses."

The Ever-GreenTM pricing advantage works through a fixed annual license, which provides full support and maintenance with no hardware or software service contracts.

To arrange a demonstration, e-mail or call Bryan Hall at (803) 233-4683.

About Ometric Corporation
Ometric Corporation provides innovative solutions to embed analytical technology into industrial processes. Ometric's SpectrInline Processware utilizes patented Multivariate Optical ComputingTM to perform spectroscopy at the speed of light, thus providing real-time, in-line process control and final product testing to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food and beverage, pet nutrition, environmental, plastics, oil and gas, and homeland security. For more information about the company, visit

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