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Metabolon expands service offerings with launch of mProveClinical for first-in-human studies

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. - Metabolon, Inc., the leader in metabolomics-driven biomarker discovery, today introduced mProveClinicalTM a service offering that provides insight into a drug's biochemical and physiological effects in first-in-human clinical trials. Combined with clinical observations and measurements, mProveClinical provides drug development organizations with key information on a subject's response to a drug. This data enables more informed decisions to be made about the drug's continued testing and positioning or, if required, offers guidance as to how it can be repositioned.

"mProveClinical is Metabolon's second packaged service offering that promises to accelerate drug development," said Dr. John Ryals, president and CEO of Metabolon. "Both mProveClinical and mSelectTM, our first offering for drug discovery, empower companies with data that can determine a drug's potential faster and with less expense."

mProveClinical analysis requires only 100 microliters of a patient's specimen, which is already collected during initial clinical trials. From this single sample, analysis of hundreds of biochemical metabolites is performed and used to identify changes across virtually the entire spectrum of known biochemical pathways. Once altered pathways are identified, the biological impact of these effects is summarized by Metabolon's team of scientists. Organizations can use this information to determine a drug's development viability and positioning.

"mProveClinical and mSelect prove Metabolon's evolution from developing the science of metabolomics to creating innovative products that yield tangible results," said Ryals. "Metabolon will continue adding to this suite of offerings, further enabling companies to move viable drugs to market more efficiently."

About Metabolon
Metabolon is the industry leader in the discovery of biomarkers through the use of metabolomics, a powerful scientific approach for the discovery and development of drugs and the early diagnosis of disease states. Metabolon's patented technology dramatically impacts drug discovery and development processes by accurately measuring the spectrum of biochemical changes and mapping these changes to metabolic pathways. Metabolon's technology can identify safer compounds for development, shorten the time for drugs to get to market and identify novel biomarkers for earlier disease detection. In 2006, Metabolon was awarded a patent that broadly covers the metabolomic methods used to identify biomarkers seen in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). For additional information, visit

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