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Unitrends Extends Rapid Recovery System, Offering Integrated System i™ Capabilities In Data Protection Appliances
IBM System i (includes iSeries and AS/400) customers now able to perform disk-to-disk backup, restoration of critical data across multiple operating system settings

COLUMBIA, SC -- Unitrends™, a pioneer in the development of Business Systems Continuity solutions, today announced the expanded availability of its Rapid Recovery™ System to include support for IBM®'s System i family of products (iSeries AS400). In doing so, Unitrends now offers its true disk-to-disk data backup and recovery capability for the System i, as well as the ability to electronically vault i5/OS-generated data offsite along with other data for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance purposes.

Unitrends said the System i backup and recovery capability was added in response to customer demand. It is now available to existing customers, with general availability scheduled for later this year. The newly added ability allows Unitrends' Rapid Recovery appliances to easily leverage key i5/OS (and OS/400) data protection technologies to quickly recover the operating system after a crash or other disaster, enabling companies to rapidly regain access to corporate-critical data.

"We've been highly pleased with Unitrends' ability to help us quickly recover from data or equipment loss disasters across multiple platforms," said Darrell Hoag, IT administrator at Hillsdale Community Health Center in Hillsdale, Michigan, which is in the process of implementing i5/OS support as part of its Unitrends Rapid Recovery System. "The addition of i5/OS support will eliminate the need for us to learn additional procedures for backing up and recovering our data, since it combines IBM-proven methods with Unitrends' point-and-click simplicity. That is vitally important with a limited IT staff, giving us an even higher degree of confidence that if we lose key data or hardware we can be back in business in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise."

Unitrends' Rapid Recovery appliances support more than 25 different operating systems, including all of today's most popular business platforms. They are specifically designed to help small and mid-sized organizations recover from both natural and daily disasters, and everything in between, that can plague companies and lead to major downtime. "Daily disasters may not garner the headlines that major ones do, but they can have a fatal impact on firms," said Mark Phillippi, Unitrends' Vice President of Technology and Project Management. "Lost or corrupted files, malware, failed patches or malfunctioning servers all qualify as disasters that cannot be quickly recovered. Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) must implement disaster recovery systems that effectively deal with potential disasters of all sizes."

Phillippi also noted that the large majority of SMEs operate in a heterogeneous setting, running multiple computer operating systems, that may include i5/OS (and OS/400), with an increasing number relying on the proven benefits of disk-to-disk data backup and recovery; he said the upgrade to Unitrends' Rapid Recovery System automatically includes support for all of those systems at no additional charge, recognizing that the company's growing list of customers worldwide rely on operating systems like i5/OS as a key and growing component of their IT network.

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About Unitrends
Unitrends is the industry leader in Business Systems Continuity, and a pioneer in the protection of corporate-critical data. Unitrends' full line of integrated appliances provide powerful disaster recovery capabilities to small and mid-sized enterprises worldwide, helping them rapidly recover the operating systems, applications and information that keep them in business when those systems inevitably fail. More information on Unitrends is available from the company's website,, or by calling 803.454.0300.

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