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Ometric’s SpectrInLine® Process Control Suite Provides Real-time, In-Line Control and Instant Data Analysis of Manufacturing Processes On-Site or From a Remote Location
Revolutionary, Web-based Technology Provides Immediate Process Control, Enabling Manufacturers to Monitor Industrial Process Lines 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

COLUMBIA, SC - Spectroscopy innovator OmetricTM has unveiled its SpectrInLine® process control suite – innovative technology that allows manufacturers to measure, monitor and control their manufacturing process, 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in the world.

Part of Ometric’s SpectrInLine Processware® – a complete system that utilizes revolutionary application specific multivariate optical computingTM to provide continuous spectroscopy in real-time for industrial processes – the SpectrInLine® process control suite’s web-based interface gives users access to critical manufacturing information from any computer, PDA or smart phone with Internet access.

Ometric’s revolutionary technology allows users to view production runs by their choice of dates, shifts, product lines and plants. Results are shown in a graphical format and are designed for easy interpretation. Information may also be shared with others, allowing managers to analyze current and historical data and adjust their processes as needed to assure proper quality and final product formulation.

"Ometric’s SprectrlnLine® process control suite allows industrial process lines to achieve a greater return on investment," said Walter Alessandrini, chairman and CEO of Ometric Corporation. "By providing remote monitoring and real-time measurement of compound concentrations throughout manufacturing processes, Ometric’s technology helps manufacturers increase profitability, protect consumers, reduce waste and conserve energy – all while ensuring final product quality. It does not matter if you are a plant manager in your office or a corporate executive half way across the world you have instant access to manufacturing processes."

Ometric provides manufacturing and process spectroscopy solutions for a broad range of industry categories which share a need for real-time, in-line continuous process control and final product testing. Industry categories include food and beverage, pet nutrition, chemical, cleantech, oil, gas and energy, pharmaceutical, environmental, agriculture and plastics.

"Due to limitations in quality assurance and the potential for increased equipment and maintenance costs, modern manufacturers cannot afford to rely on traditional sample testing methods," said Alessandrini. "Our revolutionary technology is specifically designed to address manufacturing process control concerns by providing real-time benefits that ensure fewer product recalls, less waste, minimized liability and an increased savings on resources."

About Ometric Corporation
Ometric Corporation provides innovative solutions to embed analytical technology into industrial processes. Ometric's SpectrInline Processware utilizes patented Multivariate Optical ComputingTM to perform spectroscopy at the speed of light, thus providing real-time, in-line process control and final product testing to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, food and beverage, pet nutrition, environmental, plastics, oil and gas, and homeland security. For more information about the company, visit

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